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Get on the same page with your customers by using a tech platform designed to maximize suite & ticket use. InviteManager makes it easy for organizations to measure the value of live events with realtime scan reports, mobile entry, and frictionless ticket transfer. See why the world’s best teams, leagues, and venues rely on InviteManager.

  • Used by dozens of professional teams & venues
  • Proves the value of sports sponsorships
  • Prepares companies for massive changes like mobile-entry

Features & Services Customers Love


When companies see the value of their investment in teams, they use their assets more frequently. InviteManager makes it easy to measure the ROI.


Taking clients to a sports event is one of best ways to build relationships. InviteManager gives companies an easy way to quantify that value.

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Business growth is all about relationships. InviteManager takes the pain out of managing sponsorship assets, making it easy to take clients to the game.

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Mobile-entry and realtime scan reports mean you’ll know who’s in your seats, and the precise moment they entered the venue. No more guessing

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Learn from the Experts

Big Changes in Company Tickets


Mobile-only entry. Massive changes in the tax code. An uncertain economy. Don’t let these changes disrupt your sponsorships.

How CDW Manages Sponsorships


See how CDW went from spreadsheets and email to a world-class solution specifically built to manage sponsorships.

Anheuser-Busch Leads the Way


See how Anheuser-Busch is transforming the art of sponsorships with seamless technology.

Case Studies

With InviteManager, BBVA can easily measure the value of its sports sponsorships.

When CDW replaced its manual ticket tracking with a fully-automated solution, it unlocked tremendous new value from its sponsorships.

How Konica-Minolta uses technology to make sure tickets are being used by the right people.

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5 reasons why top companies chose to go with InviteManager

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3 reasons to be proactive vs reactive when it comes to ticket management