Think you have plenty of time to get control of your client entertainment?

Think again.


Employees don’t stop taking clients out just because you say so.

PlaceholderYou may think your situation’s under control because you mandate employee behavior, but as many companies soon
discover, employees are incredibly resourceful at finding workarounds to taking their clients out to events.

By streamlining event approvals and giving managers the ability to see exactly what’s going on, InviteManager makes it easy for the right people in your organization to take their clients out to amazing events.


You don’t want someone else to be first to discover what’s really going on

Placeholder Stories abound of successful companies called out when their employees get caught breaking the rules. Landing your business on the front pages for improper— and possibly illegal activity is a nightmare you don’t want. (Trust us, we’ve seen it happen.) With InviteManager, you’ll have an easy way to make sure your employees are following company policies… every time.


While you wait, your competitors act.

Placeholder That’s right— other companies aren’t waiting. They’re calling the same prospects you’re calling, and trying to win your customers over.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.