Event Management

The secret to a successful client event? It’s in the details. InviteManager makes it easy for your company to personalize the entire client experience from start to finish. With InviteManager, you can create:

  • Custom registration pages to capture attendee information
  • Event badges that reflect your unique branding
  • Personalized invitations with our Easy Invitation Builder
  • Seamless event entry with mobile check-in

Why Event Planners Love InviteManager


See exactly who’s at your event & when they arrived with seamless mobile check-in.


Capture everything you need to know about your guests and give them a personalized experience they won’t forget.


Convert invitees into guests with gorgeous invitation templates that will make them want to attend your event.


Stop guessing who’s at your event. Print custom badges that make it easy to see who everyone is. Make it easy for your attendees to connect.

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I don’t know how many of you guys use the InviteManager mobile app, getting away from that paper check-in process. Now you can scan a barcode or swipe right to check in… It’s like a “wow moment” for a customer. They think it’s the coolest thing ever!

Marvin Garcia, FedEx

What the Pros Know

Build Your Own System?

Building your own events system? Look at the true cost of doing it yourself.

Data for All Your Events

Without a real way to measure events, you’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

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