Lots of companies say they can take care of your client entertainment. Here’s what makes us different.


We’re the experts on client entertainment

Tony and Joe know the power of client entertainment from personal experience. As sales leaders, they arranged thousands of customer outings, prospect dinners, sporting events, and VIP getaways when they were employees with a little San Francisco startup called StubHub (sold to eBay in 2007). They had a front row seat watching experiences lead to more deals, more renewals, and more business for their company and their clients.There are products in the market to help people buy tickets, to help plan events, and to manage all the logistics of a complex, infrequent events (think of massive trade shows or user conferences) but nothing existed to help companies with client entertainment they were doing much more often.

Think of football games, golf outings, or weekend client events, happy hours— companies take clients to these kinds of events all the time, whether planned by an event professional, a marketer, or a salesperson in the field, yet no good answer existed to help make managing these events easy or show how they were working with results you could actually measure. Enter InviteManager.

Tony and Joe created InviteManager to make client entertainment easy and show how well it works.

Lots of companies claim they can help you with your client entertainment in addition to everything else they offer.

Not us— this is all we do. All day. Every day.


The best companies trust us and lead our community

The world’s biggest and best brands use InviteManager and rave about our services. Big name companies in the Fortune 500 and local businesses make up a customer list ten times the size of any similar vendor, enabling our community to benefit from the great ideas coming from the world’s most forward-thinking companies.

Too often vendors plaster logos all over their marketing material after working with them on a program or two. Our customers are long-term partners who renew at over 99%. We’re happy to put you in touch with our community as we evolve client entertainment together.


We work with partners you know

The biggest tech providers and sports teams endorse us including 60+ NFL, College Football, NBA, NHL, MLS, and Premier League teams. The choice of champions, InviteManager is the preferred choice of five Super Bowl champions, five NBA champions, and three CFP champions.


We work with the solutions you already have

Why re-invent the wheel? InviteManager works directly with Salesforce, Concur, Ticketmaster, Uber, OpenTable and Outlook, so if you use these popular business solutions you’ll be up & running with us in no time.

And we’re talking full­-fledged, real integrations, here. We’re listed on the Salesforce AppExchange, so you know your customer data is secure. And we were just named Concur’s App of the Week. And more app integrations are on the way.


When the news and press need an expert on client entertainment, they turn to us

Check out the news and you’ll find InviteManager featured as a resource. The news and press knows they’ll always get fresh insights from a well-­respected and established business who will add to their credibility because this is what we do best. They know us, they know our clients, and they know our partners.