Customer Success Stories

When it comes to making client entertainment easy, no one comes close to InviteManager.

Here are just a few of the ways we’ve helped thousands of companies make it easy to share events and experiences.


CDW replaced its manual processes for managing sports sponsorships with an automated solution. It now uses real-time events data to unlock significant new value from its sports sponsorships.See more ->
To ensure all its company ticket assets are being used by the right people, Konica Minolta automates its entire events management process. See how the famed technology leader transformed its client entertainment.See more ->
Tracking requests for client entertainment across multiple locations and thousands of employees was absorbing a tremendous amount of resources. Comcast knew it needed a dedicated solution to manage its ticket inventory.See more ->
BUILDING YOUR OWN TICKET SYSTEM? THINK AGAIN. Sun Life Financial is one of the world’s largest group benefits providers, serving more than 60,000 employers inSee more ->
EXTENDING ROI ACROSS THE FIRM Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton is an international law firm with eighteen offices spanning the United States, Europe and Asia. SpecializingSee more ->
Lathrop & Gage knew it needed an automated approach to managing its client entertainment, but that meant making a change across multiple offices. How could it get all its locations across the United States up to speed on a...See more ->
By completely replacing its manual approach to client entertainment and adopting a fully-automated solution, AgStar revolutionized its internal processes, freeing up countless hours and driving usage to nearly 100%.See more ->
See how AON saved thousands of hours each year by overhauling the way it managed requests for company tickets and events. No more spreadsheets, and no more email— just a single, automated system make client entertainment e...See more ->
Marsh CMO Gary Gross needed a way to tell if his company’s significant investment in client entertainment assets was being used effectively. His search led him to an automated solution built to give company leaders a simpl...See more ->
Jeld-Wen is an official partner of Major League Soccer and a corporate sponsor of the Portland Timbers. It receives highly sought-after tickets to these games, but it needed an easy way to manage these valuable assets. Ent...See more ->
Tickets-01 needed a fully-automated, streamlined approach to managing its vast inventory of tickets. Learn how it transformed its internal process by embracing automation and leaving spreadsheets and email behind.See more ->
Capital Improvement Board Capital Improvement Board Faces Technical Foul Over Shoddy Record-Keeping What happens when a municipal agency plays fast and loose with public assets?See more ->
What do companies do with $20 billion in sports tickets? According to the trash can, sports tickets aren’t worth much. Companies throw away more tickets than you will see in your lifetime: In fact, 43% of all tickets owne...See more ->