Marketers Still Love NFL Football


soldier field

In case you were in any doubt, football still attracts an enormous following— and marketers know it. Prices for commercials airing during NFL games are at an all-time high, and that’s on top of last year’s already-high prices. The news comes as no surprise to InviteManager CEO and co-founder Tony Knopp, who published a study last year to help businesses better understand the enormous draw of football.

“The NFL dominates popular culture,” says Knopp. “When used correctly, it’s an incredibly valuable business asset. Stadiums are filled with companies spending time with customers and prospects. InviteManager makes it easy to share these powerful events with clients and prove that it’s yielding amazing business results.”

As we saw in last week’s games, football has an inseparable element of drama which few other sports can rival. The most valuable programming is NBC’s Sunday Night Football, which drew an average of 22.5 million viewers last year. But it’s not just SNF which commands huge primetime audiences. NBC is also selling spots to hungry buyers for its new Thursday Night Football package ahead of the November 17 contest between the Saints and Panthers. And other networks are sharing in the enormous surge in football viewership: Fox averaged 27.4 million viewers last season, and CBS drew 25.1 million viewers with their late-national games.

Americans love football, and that’s why companies take their clients to NFL games. Learn how InviteManager can make it easy & show you just how easy it is to measure the return on this amazing investment.