Taxes & Company Sports Tickets

In 2018, the new US tax law completely re-wrote the rules on company sports tickets & client entertainment.

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For a company to be able to support the kinds of deductions they take, that’s pretty powerful.

Terrance Richardson, KPMG

Companies need to make additional compliance efforts to keep logs and receipts with descriptions of who, what, when, where and why… With the lack of current guidance, It is especially important to track these details in order to remain in compliance and capture any potential deductions once there is additional guidance.

InviteManager makes compliance easy

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Get access to dozens of readymade reports from day one. See how your tickets are being used, who’s using them, and what impact they’re having on your business. No more guesswork.

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Tickets are now going mobile-only. That means companies can see exactly who’s using their seats & suites. Our exclusive partnership with InviteManager means you’ll be ready for these massive changes.

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We’ll design your new ticket request process to perfectly fit your company’s workflows. That means everyone will use a single, standardized system— no shortcuts, and nothing to explain later.

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We integrate right into your CRM, expense report system, and mobile devices. A tiny learning curve and dedicated account managers means your entire team can switch over to our award-winning system within minutes.

Without a real ticket management system in place, companies struggle to stay compliant. See why the world’s top brands use InviteManager to make compliance easy & prove the ROI.