“…As a financial institution it is of utmost importance for us to track ticket usage for compliance and return on investment purposes. Spotlight has automated our process, given us a simple centralized system, and has allowed us to maintain compliance and track results at the click of a mouse button.”
– Michael Lindley, Senior Vice President – Marketing, Huntington Bank


InviteManager is the Leader in corporate ticket management for sports and entertainment assets

Having pioneered the business of helping Fortune 1000 companies measure the business impact of their investments in sports and entertainment tickets, suites and sponsorships, we currently serve more customers than any other provider.

Our customers span the gamut from mid-size companies to multinational giants. They come from all industries, including:

Communications Banking Insurance
Health care Entertainment Manufacturing
Law Technology Utilities

The common thread running through all our customers is a strong belief in the value of sports and entertainment tickets and sponsorships as important contributors to new sales, customer retention and employee moral.  Further, they all treat sports and entertainment expenses as an investment that must generate a reasonable ROI while conforming to regulatory compliance requirements.


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