People are Stealing Your Tickets: A Case Study

If it’s happening at Microsoft, ticket theft is probably happening at your company. Learn how employees got caught stealing tickets at three different companies, and learn how you can stop it from happening to you.

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Building Your Own Back-End Ticket Management System? Avoid These Mistakes.

It’s easy to underestimate the true cost of developing and maintaining your own corporate ticket management system. Avoid common mistakes and see why many companies are turning to Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) to manage client entertainment.

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Corporate Ticket Consumer Case Study

According to the trash can, sports tickets aren’t worth much. Companies throw away more tickets than you will see in your lifetime: In fact, 43% of all tickets owned by businesses go unused. The average business person uses only 7.8 total tickets each year.

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Tickets Mean Temptation: Three Signs Your Company Tickets Are Being Abused

Unless you have a real system in place to track company event tickets, you’re just asking for those tickets to be misused. We look at some recent ticket scandals and how the guilty were found out. Tips are provided to help companies ensure their tickets are being used for the right reasons.

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Make Your Sports Marketing Pay Off: A Winning Methodology

By Ray Bednar, the former SVP of Global Sponsorships for Bank of America and one of Forbes 100 most influential people in sports. Ray clearly defines the correlation between sports tickets and ROI.

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Avoiding Legal Pitfalls of Sports and Entertainment Marketing

By Foley & Lardner, a top 5 sports law firm responsible for the LA Dodgers sale in 2012 and bringing the Nationals to DC in 2005.

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InviteManager Executive Overview

Billions of dollars are spent on sports ticket annually. Companies buy them because they drive business however, they come with business challenges like:

  • Getting them properly used
  • Measuring the business impact
  • Leveraging tickets across the company
  • Ensuring financial and ethics compliance

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