About InviteManager

We make client entertainment easy and prove the ROI.

Our Story

Taking out customers works so well companies spend $600 Billion on it every year.
If it works, and everyone’s investing so much, why does it have to be so hard?

IM a salesperson. We started our careers selling fun. We sold tickets, suites, and experiences for live venues and tours, NBA basketball, MLB, and NHL games to companies of all sizes who used them for customers and prospects.

New companies, old companies, banks, consumer goods, tech firms… they’d all arrange customer outings, bring prospects to dine in our restaurants, put together private events, buy tickets and suites, and invest in VIP experiences. So did we.

It worked. All of it. Need a meeting? Invite the prospect to see Kobe and Shaq. Want a sit down? Invite the execs to dine in our exclusive Commissioners Club. Have an announcement? Arrange a VIP interactive event with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

If it works, then why is it so hard?

Getting tickets and expensing meals was a huge hassle for everyone. Nobody knew exactly what they had access to or who to ask. We spent hours updating redundant CRM tools, filling out forms, sending emails back and forth, and answering questions from people in departments we didn’t report to and sometimes didn’t even know. Our customers voiced the same frustrations at companies of all sizes.

IM Innovation

We joined a small start-up in San Francisco called StubHub where we met with some of the best business minds from companies around the globe to help them with their customer entertainment. After thousands of meetings, we found every company has the same pains.

is competing.
We need access in real-time. Right now. To anything and everything. Without red-tape slowing them down.
We want to sell. Period.


needs confidence in numbers.
Why are guest being taken out?
By who?
Are we breaking any rules?
Can our money be best used elsewhere?


needs powerful data.
Where can we invest to get the most return and how do we measure that return? How can I get my team to leverage the incredible assets we’re getting them?

Event Experts

needs control. Events have more moving parts than imaginable and need to be guided expertly. Events are hectic enough, how can we get the most control and know exactly who is where?

C-level execs

need to take all stakeholders
into consideration
and grow their business