How does your
process compare?

No Process


Spreadsheets and Email




We have multiple people spending time trying to manage our tickets & events. We have never tried quantifying the cost, and I’m pretty sure it’s higher than we suspect.

We’re using a slightly more sophisticated setup now, but it takes a big chunk of someone’s time to manage all our corporate tickets–at least half of one person’s annual salary.

Like Comcast and Jeld-Wen, my company saves over 900 hours a year by automating our client entertainment in the cloud.


Are you joking? There’s no consistency to how we request & approve tickets. People may email, instant message, or even just walk up and ask for them.

Looks better on the surface, but it’s actually worse because the complexity of managing event tickets stretches Excel & email to the breaking point.

Totally cloud-based and built from the ground up to handle all the layers of client events without skipping a beat.


Process? What process? We randomly distribute tickets & hope for the best.

People email us for tickets & we put these requests in Excel. But we often get version conflicts, and it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the email back & forth.

Everyone enters requests in one system & they are reviewed by the value each client brings to our business. No spreadsheets, emails, or phone calls.


Not even close. We’re just hoping no one ever asks…

It’s Excel & email. It’s not compliant, and if we ever get audited that’s going to come up in about 10 seconds.

100% compliant. Instant tracking and reporting gives IM customers an easy way to adhere to legal, tax & compliance standards.


Lack of standardized request & approvals means we have no idea who’s really using our tickets & suites.

While the Excel sheet says tickets are being used by certain people, we have no way of really knowing.

Know exactly who’s in your seats & suites and how much value they bring to your business.


Managing company tickets doesn’t have to be painful. See why leading brands like American Express, Verizon and Google automate client entertainment instead of suffering though spreadsheets and emails. You share events and experiences with clients because it works.

We make it easy and prove the ROI.