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InviteManager takes the hassle out of fielding orders, shipping tickets while trying to stay compliant. Manage and analyze your tickets and business results on any connected device.

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Banish the trolls and get the tickets you need to drive business.


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It’s not the seats, it’s who’s in them. Put your best players in your best seats.


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Get the tickets you need without playing games.


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Every ticket has a dream of greatness. Make every ticket great!

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Your tickets mean business. What kind of ROI are you getting?

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Get the most out of your tickets by reducing waste.

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Drive business by getting tickets into the right hands, not some hog.

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Provide transparency around tickets to end fraud.

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Get tickets out of drawers to drive business.

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Get the truth from the outliers.

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Simplify tickets by making them easier to use.

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Drive business with company tickets, not kisses.


Access company tickets right from your phone and connect customers to their passion.

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Get tickets into the right hands.

Best Players in Best Seats

Maximize ROI by putting your best customers in your best seats.

CTIC Keynote Speech By Darren Rovell

CTIC: Keynote Speech By Darren Rovell

Darren Rovell, Sports Business reporter for ESPN, kicked off the conference with insightful and provocative comments, as well as advice, on improving the corporate buyer-team seller relationship.

CTIC Keynote Speech By Darren Rovell

CTIC: Opening Session

“The key to a healthy corporate buyer-team seller relationship starts with the buyer demanding more and the team offering more. Secondary ticketing sites have proven that the price isn’t what the team sets on the tickets. You need to have a relationship with that person (the corporate buyer) instead of having that person cherry pick on Stubhub.”

CTIC Keynote Speech By Darren Rovell

CTIC: Compliance and Legal Issues – Ed Sturm of Deloitte

Get advice from a leading national expert on compliance and documentation best practices for sports tickets.

CTIC: Compliance and Legal Issues – Full Session

Owning sports tickets isn’t all fun and games. There are serious compliance, tax, and fraud issues that must be understood. This session underscores these issues that corporations must consider.

CTIC: To Know Is To Grow

“Could you imagine in your daily life spending time with the people closest to the business?”

CTIC: Ticket Management Best Practices

“We were very decentralized with our ticket and suite purchases. We went to a centralized, online system. Since that time, our metrics are much better, our data is much better. We’re able to make intelligent decisions versus having 60 different spreadsheets controlling those tickets.”

CTIC: How Technology is Transforming Ticketing and CRM

Listen to selected panelists talk about technology advantages for teams that include geo-fencing, Wi-Fi, mobile apps, and the use of big data.

CTIC: The Art of the Deal

“You can’t approach any client with a one size fits all. Everybody has that one thing you have to figure out what it is.”

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Take your company tickets out of spreadsheets and manage them in a simple, easy-to-use interface. InviteManager frees you of back-and-forth emails and phone calls. Fewer company tickets go unused, purchasing from secondary sources is more cost effective, and the right clients get the right seats. See how it works.


InviteManager for Salesforce Introduction

Put tickets into your CRM. Order and receive tickets without ever leaving Salesforce.


InviteManager for Microsoft Outlook

Put tickets into your in-box.

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