For more than 50 years, JELD-WEN has built a reputation as one of the world’s most reliable manufacturers of windows and doors. Today, the company offers a full breadth of stylish windows and doors, earning numerous awards and endorsements for dependability, innovation and excellence. The company credits its half-century of success, in part, to creating strong relationships with homebuilders and architects. JELD-WEN uses sports tickets and suites to entertain these valuable customers and deepen relationships with them. The company also uses tickets and suites as internal incentives, and to entertain suppliers and vendors.


JELD-WEN is an official partner of Major League Soccer (MLS), a corporate sponsor of the Portland Timbers, and took over naming rights to JELD-WEN Field beginning with the 2011 MLS season


These relationships provide JELD-WEN with tickets to Timbers’ home and away games in particularly desirable areas of the stadium, including a private suite. The company also has a sponsorship with THE PLAYERS Championship, and entertainment opportunities at concerts and PGA TOUR, NASCAR and NHL events.
Managing thousands of tickets and suites became too cumbersome to handle manually. In addition to more efficient ticket administration, allocation and distribution, JELD-WEN required a ticket management system that could help the company improve ticket utilization and suite use, as well as evaluate the return on sponsorship investment.


JELD-WEN’s IT department was instrumental in choosing InviteManager over other ticket management systems. Terry Davis, manager of development & systems for JELD-WEN, said that the decision to leverage the SaaS application for ticket management was highly influenced by three important factors:

Automated integration of tickets and suites. Single login within current corporate environment. Ability to create multiple workflows

“Single login and fewer passwords have resulted in a higher adoption rate among our employees”

Terry Davis

JELD-WEN’s director of development and professional relations, Bill Hueffner, said that the company also selected InviteManager, because, in his words,

“it required no customization that would add to the cost, was easy to use, and fulfilled our most crucial system objectives.”


cs-icon10Those objectives included evaluating the value of sports sponsorships and prioritizing ticket allocation based upon potential revenue gains. Hueffner describes the company’s previous ticket allocation process as “arbitrary.” Now, all ticket requests are centralized, allowing for allocation of tickets and suites according to stated, rather than assumed, business purposes. With InviteManager, JELD-WEN can now track ticket requests, approvals, denials, invitees, attendees and the business purpose of invitations, while obtaining real-time access to business impact reports that measure ticket inventory, top users, most invited companies and overall ticket utilization. The implementation of InviteManager for Salesforce made the process even easier by allowing users to access their tickets directly from their Salesforce CRM.

Hueffner, who was introduced to InviteManager through the company’s sponsorship of the PGA TOUR, said that the decision to use InviteManager was also influenced by the product’s ability to manage not only traditional tickets and suites, but grounds passes for various levels of entry at PGA TOUR events.

InviteManager Helps JELD-WEN Create Additional Business Opportunities Through Improved Ticket and Suite Utilization, While Reducing Ticket Administration by 840 Hours per Year


JELD-WEN has experienced appreciable time-savings in managing its sports and entertainment assets since implementing InviteManager. Hueffner estimates that the time saved on ticket administration, back and forth emails, coordination, accounting and fulfillment is approximately 840 hours per year — a combined total of more than 20 weeks.
JELD-WEN has also improved ticket and suite utilization with InviteManager. The company aims for 100 percent utilization of its ticket and suite assets because unused tickets translate to potential lost revenue.

“Our goal is to use 100 percent of our tickets and measure strategic outcomes. InviteManager allows us to measure the positive correlation between ticket and suite usage and revenue growth,”
said Hueffner.

“With greater utilization of tickets, we create more business opportunities,” he added, noting that since implementing InviteManager, the company has significantly increased ticket utilization, as demonstrated by a Timbers game last season in which 100 percent of the tickets were used. Several other Timbers games achieved approximately 95 percent utilization. He credits the product’s visibility and ease of use with exposing a greater number of employees to the company’s tickets and suites, which he says has had a direct impact on increased ticket utilization.


JELD-WEN employs sophisticated metrics to determine the value of its sports and entertainment sponsorships. The company measures return on investment in several areas, including unaided brand awareness,entertained customer sales lift, attendeeper- dollar ratio, regional sales lift and cost–to-quality impression. Hueffner says that it is important to know more than just the number of overall impressions from any given sponsorship.

“We want to understand the impact of a particular sponsorship on our business and volume of sales, and how that sponsorship compares to dollars spent in other more traditional or standard marketing channels. InviteManager enables us to measure various metrics, such as ‘entertained customer sales lift.’ Before using this tool, it was too cumbersome to track and pull this type of information or to have confidence in our data,”
he concluded.